Sub slab Depressurization 

Sub-slab depressurization is the most common and usually the best method for reducing radon. In this system, one or more suction pipes pass through the slab into the crushed rock or soil underneath. The pipes also may be put below the concrete slab from outside the house.







Through Garage/Roof Installs

When available, the garage attic is a great way to have radon system installed. Whether your garage has all attic above or partial attic, the radon system can often be routed into these spaces. As long as the attic is ventilated, a radon fan can be hidden inside it and the exhaust point can route through the roof. There are several reasons why this is our favorite way to install a radon mitigation system.








Sump Pit Depressurization

Drawing and mitigating radon gas from a sump crock is a highly effective solution to successfully mitigating radon from your home.












Combination Sub slab / Crawlspace Depressurization

Ultimately, we have every method available to our experienced team to make sure the aesthetics of your house aren’t effected by your Radon mitigation system.  







Daren was very easy to work with, professional, prompt and installed a quality and effective radon mitigation system in our home. We saw our levels drop almost immediately on our continuous monitor.

Sunni Sylvester